About Us

About US

The Efficiency Institute for Training and Development (EITD) in the Sultanate of Oman is a scientific institution concerned with training, education and human resource development. It is connected to a number of educational and cultural institutions locally and internationally. The Institute’s building in the main branch is equipped with all the necessary techniques to provide a high quality teaching and learning environment. It managed by a team of accomplished professionals in training and human development. The EITD is a subsidiary of the Efficiency Home Foundation established on August 2, 1997 (under Commercial Registration No. 6055907). It is located in the historical city of Sinaw, one of the most important cities in the Governorate of North Sharqia, Sinaw is located in the region that links three Governorates, the interior, the eastern and the central Governorates.Thus it contain cultural and commercial patterns of diversity and cultural richness. The EITD has been established as a training platform and a source of continuous education in the region. It is a multidisciplinary work for individuals, organizations, Institutions and bodies. It aims to raise the level of personal and professional skills. It is concerned with the development of the scientific and functional performance of individuals and works to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises


:The Institute to offer for everyone A Launch platform to a successful future


:To this end, he seeks to Provide a specialized knowledge given by accomplished professionals improve individuals and develop the society

Our Goals

Provide excellent training compatible with the needs of modern times Enable trainees to deal with modern technologies and sciences Provide training programs that develop the skills of personal and career trainees Assist trainees in getting certified certificates Preparing trainees for the labor market in an innovative way that improves their functional efficiency Provide quality training that supports entrepreneurs and prepares them for the labor market Provide the trainees with the necessary skills to develop the work of the bodies in which they work Provide training for all groups wishing to learn continuously,Community Service

Our Teachers

The Institute has a number of trainers, PhD and Masters, as well as a number of trainers with extensive experience in their fields of competence. The Institute has understandings with a number of local and international educational bodies in the field of exchange of teachers and trainers, which makes training and expertise at the highest quality and modernization.


The Institute’s programs are accredited by the competent authorities and the Institute is currently seeking to attract a number of international certificates to enhance the level of training and advisory services it provides.


Word of the Director

I am honored to welcome you to this training facility. We will work together to start the path of success and excellence. As we work to provide distinguished services, we are primarily working to establish a lasting friendship between us, The limits of professional work, so that society can continue to build on the best foundations.

Services provided by the Institute

  • Training programs
  • Seminars, workshops and conferences
  • Professional Certification Programs
  • International certification exams
  • Educational Consultancy and Educational Services
  • Organize student exchanges
  • Community service